PVPP is a single use stabilizer ideal for preventing non-biological haze in beer.

PVPP is a fast acting. highly efficient adsorbent designed with high specificity for haze- forming polyphenols. Beer shelf-life will be greatly extended and can be, achieved without affecting the organoleptic profile or foam stability of the beer.

  • Achieves maximum shelf-life in beer compared to other available stabilizers.
  • Preserves beer quality with no negative impact on flavor and/or foam stability.
  • Highly effective at low dosing rates.
  • Short contact time requirements.
  • An insoluble and inert processing aid completely removed via filtration.
    Negates need for listing on ingredients labelling.
  • Compatible with other fining agents and silica based stabilizers.
  • No increase in beer losses due to PVPP stabilization.
  • Usually utilized in existing filtration regimes, requiring no additional capital investment.
Preventing beer haze
Colloidal haze development in beer is predominantly a complex formation of proteins and polypeptides with polyphenols / flavanoids, although occasionally high levels of carbohydrates can also act as haze-active material when complexing with polyphenols.
The brewing process is designed to reduce the levels of polyphenols proteins present in bright beer, however the use of stabilizers is required to achieve long term colloidal stability.

In addition to good brewhouse practices. proteins can be reduced through effective conditioning or by using silica gel stabilizers. However, with the use of

the removal of polyphenols / flavanoids has proven to be one of the most effective ways to achieve the shelf-life needed for today's premium beers