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Povidone Iodine by Nanz MedScience

Nanz MedScience is a leading manufacture of a range of gels, ointments and dusting powders for medical and cosmetic purposes. Its state-of-the-art facility, attention to detail, stringent quality control and efficient customer care make it a revered name in the industry. It is no wonder then that it is the best Povidone Iodine supplier in India.

What is Povidone Iodine?

Povidone Iodine is a broad spectrum antiseptic drug used for topical application that kills bacteria. This antiseptic property finds many uses in hospitals and daily hygiene. It finds application in treatment and prevention of wound infections, while also being excellent for relieving dry and throat when used as mouthwash.

What is Povidone Iodine used for?

Povidone Iodine uses are many and include it being used as first aid in minor cuts, grazes, burns, abrasions and blisters. It is a good choice for longer surgeries as it gets absorbed by soft tissue very slowly. It is this slow absorption that gives it long-lasting antiseptic properties. Free iodine is slowly released which work on cells and this is how Povidone Iodine kills bacteria.

Why is Nanz MedScience the best Povidone Iodine supplier in India?

Given the strict quality control measures in place and international standards to which it holds all its products, Nanz MedScience is the undoubted best Povidone Iodine supplier in India. It has built its client base on the basis of excellent product quality and trust that it has gained.

What products does Nans MedScience offer?

Among a vast range of products, its mouth wash, gargle, mouth spray and surgical scrubs are some of the finest and include Povidone Iodine. As a constituent that enhances the anti-bacterial ability of the product it is used in, it is included in a wide range of industries from medical to hygiene to cosmetic. As an enterprise that values innovation, it is the first company in India to introduce Povidone Iodine Scrubs. These come in concentrations of 5% and 7.5% according to end use.  

Its Povidone Iodine products are trusted and used by Government and corporate hospitals.