Company Overview


At NANZ MED SCIENCE PHARMA (P) LTD., we bring health care products to the world that improve lives and deliver outstanding values to our customers.

NANZ was incorporated in the year 2006. 

NANZ has made sustained growth in sales turnover and profitability. 

NANZ is professionally managed by the Board of Director who are assisted by a team of Qualified and experienced professional executives. 

Success does not make a Company great, what really matters is its contribution towards bringing hope and light in the lives of people by curing them NANZ is strong both technically and commercially. In its pursuit of growth with internationally accepted excellent quality health care products; and in its flight for excellence, each achievement is a brief stopover of journey and is not a permanent destination. Growth with excellence is a continuous process of NANZ.


Financial Year                                          IN MILLION

2010-11                                                      Rs. 126.00 

2011-12                                                      Rs. 230.00 

2012-13                                                      Rs. 429.00 

 2013-14                                                      Rs. 446.00  

 2014-15                                                      Rs. 662.00  

 2015-16                                                      Rs. 700.00  

 2016-17                                                      Rs. 1001.00

 2017-18                                                      Rs. 1200.00



      WHO - GMP 



     TUV SUD I.S.O 9001:2008​ 

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    Health Canada 

      Kenya (Pharmacy & Poisons Board)​   

WC Certificate for API